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The Spiritual Perspective of Autism: Part 2, The Consciousness of God in You

By Dr. Elle E. Wallace, December 2021

“The Divine is present in everyone, in all Beings, in everything. Like space, it is everywhere, all-pervading, all-powerful, all-knowing. The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner Light of Consciousness, and pure bliss. It is our very own self.” -Amma

If God is consciousness that is omnipotent, omnipresent, in all creations, then that light is expressing itself through you. Therefore, the light of God is prevalent in the consciousness of all energy. Utilizing your talents ignites the light of God inside you. Your passions are linked to your gifting and talents.

Have you pondered how time seems to standstill during mundane tasks or at a work training led by Ferris Buller’s teacher desperate for an escape route? But when engaged in an activity you’re passionate about, hours feel like minutes. Time in the quantum field is infinite. Therefore, when you’re activating the light inside through your passions, it directly connects to the quantum dimension where time is relative. The saying time flies when you’re having fun sums it up.

Evolving to the awareness that neurodiverse people operate from a level of consciousness different from the majority does not make them “disabled.” In reverse, we are limited in not perceiving the world from their level of intelligence. As a collective, how wonderful to idealize their ability to be one with nature, telepathically communicate with animals and the spirit world, feel energy beneath a veneer, extraordinary gifts, sinless in lying, cheating, etc. Just maybe some of the erratic behaviors would subside if they could feel understood, accepted, loved, and encouraged to be themselves, allowing their wonderment to inspire our ways of thinking.

You know that part in a movie where used tissues are everywhere. Pan to the girl with the red nose, sobbing uncontrollably, going through a breakup that was me, masked in makeup, smiling, attending a luncheon at one of the hospital sites. One of my clients with down syndrome scattered across the room to me and said, “You need a hug.” She squeezed me tight, then off she went. My neurotypical peers did not pick up on one social cue. My heart was breaking underneath the smile, yet my client felt it from across the room. The dichotomy of what society deems “normal” has me wondering where the infinite intelligence exists. Is it in a quantum field of entrainment acting out the compassion of extending a hug in the middle of a luncheon or neurotypicals adhering to social norms desensitized to the pain beneath a smiling veneer?

Is it possible that the overstimulation of lower vibrating energy trying to fit in society’s standards attributes to some of the imbalances in their behavior? Among the trauma of being born into a society labeled disabled, the scarlet letter of D, an outcast in a world that is ignorant to the teachers, these beautiful souls came to the Earth for us. Imagine the times you were made fun of or humiliated. We’ve all experienced that emotion. They live with that label every day of their lives. Even if you don’t think they can hear you spaced out in a nonverbal state, they deeply feel the judgment. I would be enraged if I had all these feelings inside and no one to understand me. As I child I was often misunderstood due to circumstances I did not understand.

I was not proficient at taking the required standardized tests to determine my aptitude in school. There was something about being timed while trying to choose the correct multiple-choice answer. My mind would rationalize each option to make the statement true while racing against the clock resulted in a quick answer. When I transferred from private to public school, the class ratio dramatically shifted from thirty to fifty students versus the twelve to fifteen students in private schools. Because there were so many students in class, the teaching style catered to various learning techniques. I thrived on essay questions, book reports, and open-ended test questions. I was transferred into honors classes instead of intermediate level and became an honor student. I learned that my brain processed information differently, not equating to inferior intellect. There are different types of intelligence, and a standardized test should not be the dominant factor in determining a person’s aptitude. Someone with autism may get through three questions on a standardized test, but in front of a piano, she puts Mozart to shame or has spatial intelligence or can conceptualize a numerical value cerebrally that most can’t figure out indefinitely on paper.

Ralph Waldo Emerson eloquently states, “God enters a private door into every individual.” Meaning God speaks to each person through their individual gifts or talents. Everyone has a unique purpose of fulfilling that impacts the world and its people. And that in itself makes you perfectly designed to accomplish the mission you came here to do.

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