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Free Yourself From Narcissistic Relationships

After years of witnessing friends endure toxic relationships and rising above my own, I learned a life changing lesson. Your life purpose and toxic relationships are symbiotic. Without a concrete connection to your life purpose, which is a direct link to your Creator, leaves yourself open to the attraction of a narcissist. They come in all forms, charming, generous, humanitarians, spiritual, activists fueled by preying on the insecurities of others that admire their strengths.

The strong, successful, outspoken person who seems to have it all is sometimes a front for extreme insecurity and demons unhealed, so they prey on people who they feel are inferior on some level whether it be finances, aesthetics, health, family, career any weakness they can manipulate. A narcissist is empowered through the respect of others at any cost- EVEN YOU. So how do you know if you are with a narcissist? They will look right into your eyes and lie, even if you know the truth, they will use gaslighting techniques to deny it. They set strict boundaries they won’t uphold but still expect you to, double standards, gaslighting your feelings, when they feel you pull away they will use fake tears, vulnerability, false promises to get you back only to repeat the same pattern, you’re not a priority but they expect you to jump at their every command. They have a way of making you believe you’re lucky to be with them. The classic line, “I can have anyone I want but I CHOOSE you,” to make sure you know they only see you as special. They can hurt you over and over expecting compassion for their mistakes, but if you do something wrong in their eyes it’s unforgivable. Have you tried to confront a narcissist’s behavior and get accused of being paranoid, abusive, controlling or mentally ill? You actually start to question your own sanity.

The positive aspect of having a narcissist show up in your life is an opportunity to light up what needs to be healed within.

There is self-responsibility in attracting everything in your life. If you are living a purposeful life a vibrational match to a narcissist would be nonexistent. A narcissist would be unable to empower themselves or seek the attention needed to control or feel superior to you. And when you gain any resemblance of confidence or acquire the narcissist’s behavior, they will end up leaving you anyways having lost control over you. Even if you are the one who walked out the door, a narcissist will insist they left you as they can’t handle rejection.

Before entering a relationship, love your life. The Creator gave each soul on this Earth purpose. There’s nothing stronger than to be connected to your life purpose. Your purpose will always include an act of service. First think of how you would like to make an impact in society. What do you feel called to do? What are your passions? What are you naturally good at?

If your purpose is singing, it’s to bring inspiration to others through raising their vibration with the notes of your song or inspiring words.

If it is the gift of gardening, it’s to bring life and beauty to the Earth- a reminder when people walk by the miracle of God’s creation.If it is medicine, it’s the gift to heal

If it is law, it’s the gift to protect.

If it is business, it’s the gift to provide a like-minded community.

If it is writing, it’s the gift to educate or inspire with words.

If you are focused on the purity of your gift, your energy will vibrate on a dimension that toxicity cannot survive. Simply, there will be no room or attraction for toxic relationships in your life.

One should not hold more value in the relationship than the other. Both people should be equally treasured providing each other with love, respect, honor, loyalty, spiritual nourishment, physical and intellectual attraction, kindness- But first, give that to yourself.

There is no amount of human conditions that can put a price on soulful love.

Something to think about- Your threshold for abuse from another will never supersede the abuse you self-inflict. Simply, you won’t allow someone else to abuse you, more than you will abuse yourself.

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