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Dr. Elle Wallace is an American filmmaker, spiritual teacher, writer, and actor hailing from the vibrant cultural backdrop of Miami, FL. From a young age, she immersed herself in the arts, participating in choirs and musical theater while honing her skills as a method actor. This early exposure set the stage for a dynamic career that would later see her excel as a casting director, producer, and actor, contributing to award-winning films and series.


Renowned for her unique ability to coach talent into their dream roles, Elle played pivotal roles in the casting and production of notable works such as "Marley & Me," "New in Town," and "I Love You Phillip Morris," among others. With over 15 years of experience, her journey as a casting director was instrumental in understanding the challenges faced by artists, having been an actress herself. This firsthand experience fueled her passion to empower artists and individuals navigating the quest for purpose.


Beyond the entertainment industry, Dr. Elle Wallace has made significant strides in the realm of neurodiversity. She spearheaded hospital work-training programs, providing coaching to young adults with autism, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities, facilitating their journey to attain dream jobs and lead independent lives.


In her latest venture, Elle founded Wallace Films, a platform dedicated to raising awareness on social issues, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating inspirational films that advocate for positive change. Her commitment to using creative endeavors as a catalyst for societal impact is evident in her multifaceted career.


Dr. Elle Wallace holds a Doctorate in Divinity, a Masters in New Thought Ministry, and is a Licensed Domestic Violence counselor. Her advocacy extends to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, championing life purpose, and empowering women for equal opportunities in leading spiritually fulfilling lives. These central themes not only guide her creative endeavors but also underscore her holistic approach to making a positive impact in both the artistic and social spheres.


  • Doctorate Degree, Divinity/Counseling

  • Masters Degree,  Interfaith Ministry

  • Licensed Domestic Violence Counselor

  • Certified Spiritual Practitioner / Coach

  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor

  • Film Directing

  • Method Acting, Uta Hagen & Meisner

Elle Wallace
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